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The Education Center

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Welcome to Spiral Moon's Education Center

A Pagan Parochial School covering early childhood, primary,

secondary, and post secondary learning.


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We offer both religious education and a pre-k-12 parochial school.

Our religious education program runs in seasonal cycles, and covers topics such as mythology and magical skills.

Our homeschool and cover school options (using your curriculum or our framework), and are working toward both a virtual option and a micro-school in-person option (including options to found your own). We will offer pre-k through 12th grade classes.

Our curriculum framework includes academics, both traditional and project based, and a wide range of electives, both mundane and spiritual. Our values are based in social justice and classical mythology.

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We offer basic adult religious education – classes on Pagan topics and tools. Monthly "101" courses are free for Spiral Moon members, and available on a per-class basis for a fee to others. We plan to bring in other instructors with other classes to complement our program, which may be available to members at a discount.

We also offer two professional tracks: an ordination/clergy program and a professional energy healing program.

Classes are currently offered virtually.

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Pagan Schools For the 21st Century

Pagan centered schools have been discussed for many years. The pandemic of 2020 has given many of us insights into how we want learning to be.

Schools should value what we value, and guide us in learning to make good decisions going forward.

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