Spiral Moon 101 Series

The basics that most Pagan folk learn at some point. Gods, Goddesses, holidays, magical basics, divination basics, ethics, etc.

Pagan Skills

Let's go a little deeper. Specific techniques, deeper knowledge, how to write your own rituals, and more.

Spiral Moon Seminary

May include Spiral Moon Ordination

You’ve always wanted to be a priest, priestess, or priestex, but weren’t sure where to start? This one’s for you. Following Spiral Moon’s own eclectic Pagan curriculum, start to finish in 2 years (or less, depending on your previous work, because we take that into account). Course work includes ethics, ritual design, polytheist, pantheist, and goddess based theologies, and more, leading up to the possibility of legal ordination. Maintaining your ordination in good stead after that requires only a paperwork update and a small annual fee.

College of Energy Healing

Take one class, or take our 12-month program that offers 8 healing methods, healing ethics, business basics, aura readings, and more. Can be completed sooner (especially if you already have some experience or healing methods), or if you need to take longer that’s ok too, but it’s timed out to take a full year.

Free to Spiral Moon Members

$25 per class for non-members

Priced per class. Discounts may be available for members depending on the instructor.

Ordination Training $79/month

Credentials Annual Fee $25/year

Single Class $40-$100

Energy Healer Diploma $1200

Payment Plans available

To be notified of new course offerings as they are released, please fill out our interest form.

About Us

An outreach program of Spiral Moon Family Circle

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