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If you're wishing that you had the space and resources to offer classes to your customers or community, but you just can't make it work, we have a solution!

Spiral Moon's Educational Affiliates

Offer our classes to your people.

We offer a 25% commission on all affiliate sales. We set a cookie on a prospective student's computer that is good for 180 days. If they click on another affiliate's link before they purchase, the other affiliate will get the commission.

We pay on the 30th of the month following the purchase.

Rules and Guidelines

  • We reserve the right to cancel your account at any time if you are found to be breaking these rules.

  • You agree to promote our programs in ways that follow your local laws.

  • You agree to notify potential customers that you receive a commission on sales - See this link for suggested wording.

  • You agree that you will not spam third-party sites, comment threads on social media outlets, or utilize other unethical marketing tactics.

  • You agree that you are responsible for all intellectual property claims made against your ads or links.

  • You may utilize the marketing materials we provide on any email, social media, website, newsletter, or other forum that you have an account on.

  • If we update these guidelines, we will notify you by the email address you provide when you sign up.

  • You must maintain a current email address and mailing address in order to get paid.

  • Payments are made electronically.

  • If you make over the minimum threshold in commissions in a calendar year, we will provide you with a 1099 form for your taxes.

  • If you leave the program or are removed from the program, you have 7 calendar days from the end date of your participation to delete all of our images and links.

  • We make no promises on the availability of the affilate tools, because we don't control the internet. We accept no liability for lost commissions caused by server or internet failures, or any other situation that prevents a customer from using your link to purchase from us.

By clicking the "I agree" box in the sign up form below, you agree to follow these guidelines.

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Pagan Schools For the 21st Century

Pagan centered schools have been discussed for many years. The pandemic of 2020 has given many of us insights into how we want learning to be.

Schools should value what we value, and guide us in learning to make good decisions going forward.

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An outreach program of Spiral Moon Family Circle

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